The Company

Inngot was established in November 2007 following extensive research by its co-founders, Martin Brassell and Professor Iwan Davies. It has an ambitious aim: to deliver the web tools businesses need to unlock the value in their intellectual assets through fundraising, licensing, collaboration and sale. Inngot has a particular interest in facilitating the use of intellectual property as security for debt finance.

Inngot’s head and registered office is in the Waterfront area of Swansea, with a South East office at Milton Park, near Oxford. The business is funded by a combination of private and public sources including grant support from the Welsh Government, and Finance Wales has a minority interest. Inngot is run by a highly experienced team: you can read more about its members on our main website

Inngot has two principal web services:

  1. A tool enabling organisations to identify and profile all their intellectual property and associated intangible assets
  2. The Sollomon IP value indicator, created with specialist input from Grant Thornton UK LLP

Inngot’s services are used by a wide range of businesses ranging from small start-up enterprises to multinationals. The company also works with investment networks, debt financiers, universities and professional advisory firms. In addition, Inngot manages and moderates the IP Central network on the Technology Strategy Board’s _connect platform.

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