Inngots profiling system explained – Intellectual Property

A video on intellectual property based around inngots recently new and improved Profiling system which helps identify and capture organisations innovations.

It can sometimes be hard to separate an organisations intellectual property from the rest of the company. Inngot’s profiling system helps separate your intangibles from your organisation; a crucial part to utilising and making the most of your IP.

Identify, explain and promote your intellectual property and intangible assets. Our web tools will help you capture and identify not only intellectual property like copyright, patents, designs and trade marks but also value producing intangibles like trade secrets, special processes, specialist technical know-how and brand reputation — over 40 different types in total. Up to 75% of a company’s value can be hidden within its intangible assets. Make the most of yours by using Inngot’s profiling tool today.

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Intellectual Property video

We’ve just created an interesting and innovative video with the help of our animator. Take a look and let us know what you think.

It helps describe the benefits of the inngot approach and also covers the importance of identifying your Intellectual Property.

Try it in HD to see the true representation of our animators hard work.

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