About the intangible blog

To misquote George Orwell in Animal Farm (1945): All blogs are intangible. But some blogs are more intangible than others.

At the intangible blog, our focus is on intangible assets – from intellectual property to the more elusive types like trade secrets and brand reputation. And yes, that does include blogs.

Intangible assets are widely estimated to account for 75-80% of the market value of quoted companies. Yet they are routinely discounted to nil value by the institutions relied on by most small businesses. Why is it that unquoted companies can’t make use of their intangibles without getting sold? and what damage is this doing to our economy?

By exploring these issues, and providing news and commentary on market developments concerning intangibles, we aim to show that leveraging this asset class in a variety of ways is not only feasible, but essential if innovative businesses are to prosper and grow. But then, we’re biased: we are Intangible.

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